Format Conversion:

Preserve your family memories forever - Remember all of those old tapes sat on the shelf and dusty spools of film in the attic and the vague memories of what's on them? Imagine seeing your parents running around as toddlers or that grandparent you've heard the stories about. Imagine reliving that nativity play you were in at school, or seeing your grown up child again as a new born baby!


All of the following formats can be transferred to DVD, Blu-Ray or even to a digital video file to share on Facebook or YouTube:


VHS, Hi8, VHS-C, MiniDV, Super 8mm, 8mm, Mobile Phone Footage


Prices are based on the running time of the material and start from as little as £5 per half hour for tape or 5p per foot of film, with a £20 minimum charge. Please contact us for a more precise quote based on your specific requirements.

Lord Mayors Day Plymouth 1977

Super 8mm to Digital File conversion

New York Christmas 1976

Super 8mm to Digital File conversion

The Colt Car Company

VHS to Digital File conversion

Photo Retouching and Restoration


We will carefully take your negative or photograph and perform a High-Resolution scan to create a digital file to edit using the latest professional software programs, followed by a painstaking reconstruction of the image to produce something you didn't think possible! Tears will disappear, scratches and mould spots will vanish and the colours will be restored as closely as possible to what would have been their natural state. This can be very intensive work depending on how badly degraded the original image is. Prices are based on an hourly rate of £25, although it can be difficult to provide an entirely accurate quote before the restoration is started. Contact us for any queries.

Example of Photo Restoration by Stuart Bailey Media

As an alternative we can simply digitise your old negatives and slides and put them on a disc or memory stick for you in JPG or TIF formats, allowing you to edit them yourself or upload to Facebook etc. This is performed using professional scanning machines, producing very high resolution files with vast amounts of detail.

Slide photograph of Victoria Falls in the 1960's, digitised by Stuart Bailey Media

Victoria Falls, Africa, 1960's

Digitised from 35mm slide film

We also design and deliver workshops and training for both groups and individuals covering a variety of subjects including technical hands-on digital photography and software tuition. Please check out our training section.

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