Live Streaming by Stuart Bailey Media

Find Your New Audience Online

Live Streaming by Stuart Bailey Media

Find Your New Audience Online

Single & Multi Camera Live Streaming:

Capture the moments as they unfold – Professional High-Quality Live Streaming to a wider audience, perfect for those who can’t be there.

  • Live streaming allows you to broadcast a live event to your audience over the internet. The video streaming service can be used for business, education, sport and personal events (such as weddings and funerals).
  • Using the latest video streaming technology it’s possible to live stream & record any event from almost any location. My equipment is incredibly mobile and unobtrusive.
  • Live streaming is a fantastic way of finding new, and engaging with existing audiences and I aim to make it an exciting, cohesive experience.
  • My video streaming solutions concentrate on the viewer & is mixed live by a creative professional, making the video stream look and feel more like a TV production. People can view the event on smartphones, iPads, desktop PC’s or Smart TV’s.

Socially Distanced Filming

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic it’s been important to maintain safe and socially distanced filming, and great ideas need great people to make them happen. Luckily I have an amazing crew, who will go to great lengths to provide a safe and secure environment for filming.

Although restrictions are hopefully heading to be lifted, there remains continued uncertainty around how many people might be allowed to attend your event, however there is one thing you can be certain of – if you live stream your event you can include as many people as you like, wherever in the world they may be!

Live Music

Capture the energy of a live performance for your fans online.


The closest thing to being there, feel the performance come alive.

Conferences & Webinars

Bringing teams together, virtually.

Online TV Broadcasts

Be the master of your own online TV channel.


Unobtrusive coverage of your ceremony on your special day.


Respectfully discreet, allowing people to say goodbye together.

Live Streaming Package Options

I will ensure I visit your venue prior to the event to test the Wi-Fi and 4G signals to ensure that I’m are able to provide you with the service.

Once that has been established I have a range of packages to select from, all of which include a backup recording (in the unlikely event that the livestream fails) additionally I am also able to provide more bespoke options, to include:


  • Live on screen graphics
  • Audio input from another source, eg mixing desk – perfect for live performances with an existing sound engineer
  • Individual recordings of each camera stream for editing after the event
  • Inclusion of pre-recorded video segments


  • Single Camera (fixed position)
  • 2x Radio Microphones
  • 1 Operator
  • 1/2 hr stream


  • 2x Cameras (One fixed, one operated)
  • 2x Radio Microphones
  • 2x Operators
  • 1 hr stream


  • 2x Camera (fixed positions)
  • 2x Radio Microphones
  • 1 Operator
  • 1 hr stream


  • 3x Cameras (Two fixed, one operated)
  • 2x Radio Microphones
  • 1x Wide ambient microphone
  • 2x Operators
  • 1 hr stream

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